Viewings are scheduled by appointment only, Monday-Friday from 11 am to 5 pm. Special requests are always considered.

Venue Rental:

 In general all Client's will be billed the following for the Cannery Ballroom, High Watt or the Mercy Lounge. This is subject to change.

-Facility Rental $3000.00 + $277.50 (9.25% TN sales tax) = $3277.50 

Bartenders-$200.00 ea.  (4 hour minimum-1 per every 100 guests)=$200 

Cleaning fee-200.00 

Set-up Fee-$150.00 

Event Manager-$300.00 (4 hour minimum) 

Door Guard Fee-$150.00 (4 hour minimum)

Total Estimate=$4277.50+ (deposit $1500.00)

In general all clients will be billed the following for ONE.  This is subject to change.

Facility Rental $3,500.00 + $323.75 (9.25% TN sales tax) = $3,823.75 

Bartenders $200.00 ea. (4 hour minimum-1 per  every 100 guests)  

Cleaning fee $200.00 

SetUp/Break Down $150.00  

Event Manager $300.00 (4 hour minimum) 

Door Guard Fee $150.00 (4 hour minimum)

Total Estimate=$4,823.75+ (deposit $1,750.00)


Email: for more information.